Stop venezuela's decline

Protests in Venezuela © Ariana Cubillos

Eight Latin American countries support pope's call for negotiated settlement for Venezuela. President Maduro, meanwhile, proposes a constituent assembly. Opposition smells tactics.

In his inaugural speech, new German President Christian Wulff called for more integration and equal participation. She said he wanted to help build bridges and create connections "between old and young, between East and West, locals and immigrants, employers, employees and the unemployed, people with and without disabilities."

First communion children in white albums © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Before Corona, First Communion children had classes once a week. Normally they would now prepare for the feast in their group lessons. But despite the Corona pandemic, people in Hurth near Cologne are being creative.

Karlsruhe has strengthened the rights of single fathers. Unmarried people must be able to get custody of their child more easily in the future. The current legal situation is unconstitutional, the court ruled. The Family Federation of Catholics welcomed to our site the verdict.

"For children, both parents are usually important attachment figures. It is therefore appropriate to give unmarried fathers the option of a judicial review of joint custody, based on the best interests of the child. The custody decision oriented to the respective individual case prevents an automatism at the expense of the mothers", said Elisabeth Bubmann, president of the family federation on Tuesday (03.08.2010). At the same time, the legislature is called upon to improve the framework conditions for marriage and family life. Stable partnerships create the most favorable conditions for children to grow up successfully."The federation of however-educating mothers and fathers spoke of a scandal. With the judgment, dispute is pre-programmed, said Irina Kroeske of the advocacy group on Tuesday. Nikolai Wedel of the Fathers' Awakening said that the legal position of fathers is not significantly strengthened. However, fathers could now go to court for their custody rights. This will lead to a flood of lawsuits.

Karlsruhe demands legal Neuregelu

Church criticizes expert's withdrawal

In the case of the 43 missing students of Iguala, the Mexican bishops have criticized the termination of the work of a group of independent experts who were supposed to clarify the background of the case that has received worldwide attention.

The former chairwoman of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Margot Kabmann, sees religious communities as a social corrective in the integration of refugees. They offer refugees a space to tell their story.

Climate change endangers mecca pilgrimage

Could it be too hot in the future for the pilgrimage to Mecca?? The aid organization Islamic Relief fears exactly that. In view of the danger posed by increasing heat, the organization says there is a "moral and religious duty to act".

Damaged cross above Mol © Jako Klamer (KiN)

How is it determined about the worldwide religious freedom? Where are Christians discriminated against or even persecuted? Prof. Thomas Schirrmacher on unsurprising countries – and states in our neighborhood.

So much for the eight-hour day

Many can't get by with an eight-hour workday © Sebastian Kahnert

Working only eight hours a day has long been pure wishful thinking. Even today, many people work more. An achievement a hundred years ago, the eight-hour day could soon be history.

A cornerstone for peace?

Syria is far from peace. Hopes now rest on new negotiations that have begun in Kazakhstan. Russia and Turkey had invited to the meeting. DRK Secretary General Reuter was on site in Syria.