Giving a voice

Giving a voice

Pope Francis © Paul Haring (CBA)

Pope Francis has called for sustainable help for the poor. Christian charity is not satisfied with the good done in the past, but also knows how to transform the present, the church leader said.

In a message published Wednesday by the Vatican to Catholic religious orders particularly involved in helping the poor, Francis urges religious to be vigilant in the face of today's globalized society. "Certain forms of almsgiving and assistance, even "when done for noble reasons," risk "supporting forms of exploitation and illegality rather than bringing real and lasting improvement," says the letter, published on the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul (27.9.) published letter.

The Pope addressed his message to all the religious orders that refer to the saint. 2017 marks the 400th anniversary. Times the founding of the "Brotherhood of the Ladies of Christian Charity," a women's charitable association that cared for the poor and sick.

St. Vincent de Paul (1581-1660) can teach us to organize help and focus on education in today's world, Pope says. The suffering of the poor – "the new poor, the far too many poor" – must be embraced. A Christianity without contact with the suffering would also lose contact with Christ. He therefore called for reaching out to the poor and giving them a voice.

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