“I pray to god”

Pope Benedict XVI. Has expressed hope for a return to calm and peaceful coexistence in Egypt. In his first public statement on the current developments in Cairo, he expressed his appreciation for the North African country at the Angelus prayer.

He is closely following the "delicate situation of the beloved Egyptian nation". "I pray to God that this country, blessed by the presence of the Holy Family, may regain tranquility and peaceful coexistence – in common commitment to the common good," the pope told tens of thousands of people in St. Peter's Square on Sunday. Until now, the Vatican had been conspicuously reticent in making public and official statements about developments in Cairo.

In addition, the Pope called for more sensitivity toward the sick. He appealed to all health care workers, especially doctors and nurses, to see in the sick not just a frail body, but a person who deserves solidarity and proper attention. For faith as well as for reason, dignity cannot be limited to abilities and possibilities; it does not diminish if a person is weak, sick or needy. The pope commented on the "World Day of the Sick" next Friday.

It is necessary to promote a "culture of life," said Benedict XVI. The value of the human person must be at the center of all political and social action under all circumstances.

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