A vaccine against hunger

A vaccine against hunger

The Protestant Church in Germany has called for a stronger commitment against hunger. Every day, 20.000 people die of hunger, said EKD Council President, Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm.

That's twice as many people as have lost their lives to the Corona virus in Germany so far, Bedford-Strohm said Sunday in his Thanksgiving sermon in Munich.

But unlike the Corona virus, there is a vaccine against hunger: "and it is called justice," the Bavarian bishop emphasized. If people around the world were given fair opportunities and could also feed their families from the wages of their work, "then hunger can be defeated".

There is enough food for everyone

This is also the aim of the supply chain law currently under discussion, "in which every company is obliged to ensure that the product it sells here has also come about fairly.". There is enough food in the world for everyone to eat, the council president stressed.

Bedford-Strohm said he prays "that God will work a new miracle of bread multiplication among us," so that everyone shares and everyone is satisfied. The view of the many apples in the harvest service was a visible sign of the harvest given by God in abundance.

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