Bread, champagne and church services

Bread, champagne and church services

Baking bread together – just one of the ideas for families during Holy Week © Jens Kalaene

"At home.Easter.Celebrate" – under this motto the Archdiocese of Freiburg offers tips and materials for an Easter celebration in the family. It's about celebrating together and getting into conversation, says deanery youth pastor Claudius Dufner.

Interviewer: On their website they have collected ideas to help children experience the faith even in the Corona crisis. How to celebrate Easter with children at home?

Claudius Dufner (deanery youth pastor in Freiburg): We have created a set of cards that provides ideas for each day from today onwards. With these, you can then celebrate together with the children, but also with teenagers or young adults, in a very individual way at home.

Interviewer: Then the first thing I ask for today, after Maundy Thursday.

Dufner: Today, on Maundy Thursday, it is a matter of perhaps baking bread together during the day and celebrating communion together in the evening – with simple things like bread, perhaps a few grapes or butter. And that one comes thereby in addition, together into the discussion. There is today, for example, the idea that one thinks together: What is actually special in our family?? What I find so special about our community? What is the beauty? And what are we thankful for?

Interviewer: So you can puzzle together different parts to keep yourself quite busy with each other during these days. What would you suggest for Good Friday??

Dufner: We went there first and said: We have to offer something simple. That is why there are always three steps every day. And then if you want to change that or you need some other ideas, you can look at our website and you can see what other ideas are out there. For tomorrow, for example, I could quite well imagine that, especially if you have young people at home, you just have a look at our website. There you can find a pop song and an impulse for every day.

Interviewer: Have you also thought about something for the Easter Vigil?

Dufner: For the Easter Vigil we have considered that one simply also at home together an Easter Vigil celebrates that one lights a candle, as one would have done it also in the church and then together before this Easter candle first of all reads the Gospel. But then we can also consider: How can we ourselves be light in this world?? How can we ourselves spread the light in this world with our lives??

Interviewer: So you can make up such a service then for Easter Sunday with your own materials.

Dufner: Exactly, you can really puzzle everything together individually, as it suits you, as it suits the children, as it suits the young people, very target group oriented – as it is good for you.

Interviewer: But one can also download classic elements of the divine service from you – for example, the Lumen Christi or the Exsultet. What do I do with it with my children?

Dufner: It was simply important to us that we pass on an idea of how to celebrate these days. But that even things known from the Easter service will not be completely lost – for the people who also like and perhaps need such things. That is why we sang the Exsultet and make it available to the public. If you want, you can just play it at the beginning of the Easter service and listen to the whole thing.

Interviewer: There are lyrics, there is music. These are elements that we are familiar with from church services. What other community activities are there – apart from baking bread, which you have already mentioned?.

Dufner: Among other things, you can design an Easter candle. And for Easter Saturday or for Easter Vigil we have chosen: put a bottle of champagne cold. Bake a cake with the children. So that fasting can then also be broken and people can toast Easter together.

Interviewer: Sharing experiences via social networks is something that many people, especially young people, do on a regular basis. Also they offer that people can share how they celebrate Easter at home. What do you expect from it?

Dufner: On the one hand, it was important to us that we motivate and also support people to celebrate a church service at home, to pray together at home. But at the same time we also want to show: You celebrate at home, maybe in the family, but nevertheless we are a big Christian community. And that should be expressed by taking pictures of the celebration or things you might have on the table and then just posting it under the hashtag #osternvernetzt then too.

The interview was conducted by Dagmar Peters.

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