“Do not give in to temptation for short-term gain”

Cardinal Reinhard Marx © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx has warned against shortsightedness in the fight against the Corona pandemic. It was strange when individual states wanted to secure medicines or vaccines for themselves first.

Marx said this in a radio report for Bayerischer Rundfunk . "I therefore urgently appeal to the pharmaceutical industry, research institutes and political leaders not to give in to this temptation for short-term gain, but to keep the long-term well-being of the entire human family in mind and to base their own decisions on it."

Call for the globalization of solidarity

Corona affects all continents, the cardinal emphasized. He said the virus most endangers the sick and infirm and those living in conditions of poverty and hardship. That is why solidarity must be globalized. Pope Francis also encourages this.

Marx expressed optimism that people had learned from the pandemic. "The experiences of the past few months strengthen my hope that people have understood that everything is connected with everything else and that the survival of the entire human family depends on whether we really show solidarity with one another."

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