Thieves convicted, loot still missing

Thieves convicted, loot still missing

Appeal dismissed: The Federal Court of Justice did not order a further review of the verdict against the three thieves of the Borghorst monastery cross. The 4. Criminal senate unanimously decided that the verdict of the Munster Regional Court did not show any legal errors.

Three men from Bremen must now serve their sentences of several years in prison. They are said to have stolen the precious ornate and historically valuable eleventh-century collegiate cross. It was on 29. October 2013 were stolen from the Nikomedes Church in Steinfurt-Borghorst. The diocese of Munster had offered a reward of 50 for the recovery.000 euro rewarded. The cross is considered an outstanding testimony to sacred art of the Salian period.

In October, the regional court had handed down prison sentences of four and a half and five years respectively to the three men, who are from Bremen. The 9. Large criminal chamber from Munster regarded it as proven that the accused stole the monastery cross. According to the diocese of Munster, there is still no trace of the artwork itself. "We very much hope that the Borghorst Collegiate Cross will eventually reappear," a spokeswoman said in response to a query.

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