“Too one-sided”

At the beginning of the week, the Federal Court of Auditors denounced deficiencies in the system of one-euro jobs. The main criticism: The Billigentlohnten take away others the job. This assessment is too one-sided, criticizes now the Cologne Caritas.

"To measure the success of one-euro jobs primarily in terms of the goal of integration into the labor market is extremely simplistic," explained Caritas Director Frank Johannes Hensel on Friday (19.11.210).

Caritas uses one-euro jobs primarily as an initial measure for particularly marginalized people, such as the homeless, those released from prison or addicts, to pave a way out of isolation for them.

Day structure for the long-term unemployed
With the help of such work opportunities, the long-term unemployed receive a daily structure, they experience appreciation and can start working on debt or addiction problems, Hensel explained. In an audit report, the Federal Court of Auditors had objected to the ineffectiveness of state-subsidized jobs according to its findings.

The one euro job is however only a first step on the way into the employment, underlined Hensel. Caritas has been calling for a publicly subsidized labor market for the particularly disadvantaged for years. These people need a permanent perspective.

Against this background, Caritas also criticized the planned cuts by the federal government, which would reduce integration services and administrative costs in NRW by a quarter. Long-term unemployed should not be relegated to the sidelines. Due to budgetary requirements, there will even be cuts of up to 85 percent in some regions, Caritas explained. The Bundestag will discuss and decide on austerity plans next week.

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