“You are not the majority”

Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki calls for stricter laws against incitement on the Internet. "Prosecutors must consistently pursue digital attacks and calls for murder and be equipped with the investigative capacity to do so".

This is what the Archbishop of Cologne writes in his column on stern.de. For this, legislation was needed that would prevent excesses of hatred on the net.

Strengthen media competence

At the same time, the media competence of Internet users must be strengthened. "In the social networks and comment columns, everyone can exercise their responsibility," the cardinal said. Fanatics could not be convinced, but many insecure fellow readers could be warned, sensitized or encouraged by comments on inflammatory posts.

"Ask agitators for evidence and sources, take victims of hate speech to task and make it clear to agitators: 'You are not the majority!'"

Political crackdown desired

He said he sometimes wished politicians would not make themselves "buffoons with understanding for everyone". They were told to 'look the people in the mouth,' but not to 'talk after their mouths. Jesus, too, had called perfidious trappers "brood of vipers".

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