Gospel demands port opening

Gospel demands port opening

The Catholic auxiliary bishop of Wurzburg, Ulrich Boom, spoke out in favor of rescuing refugees from distress at sea. You cannot follow the gospel if you are "afraid of it".

"Where we do not open a harbor for people in need and do not give land across borders, we are not in the track of the Gospel," Boom said Monday evening at the Kiliani pilgrimage week, according to the bishop's press office. The service was attended by 1.200 people took part, including former Bavarian Justice Minister Winfried Bausback (CSU) and state parliament members Manfred Landner (CSU) and Kerstin Celina (Bundnis90/Grune), as well as many local politicians.

Tackling inequality and disparities

"Fear was and is always a bad advisor," said Boom. Pope Francis, in his letter on the "synodal journey," had called for addressing inequality and maladjustment. "We will not be able to do anything good that is in line with the Gospel if we are afraid of it," the auxiliary bishop stressed.

Future is always new and in the last unfamiliar and strange. "We may refer to our Franconian apostles and Christian traditions, preach high and holy about them. Where we do not embrace the spirit of the gospel and its witnesses, we are off track."

On Sunday, Wurzburg's Bishop Franz Jung had already praised the work of sea rescuers in the Mediterranean. They often acted at risk of their lives, he said at the start of the pilgrimage week. Therefore, it is important "not to defame" them, but to recognize their commitment.

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