Reckless act

Reckless act

After the explosion in Londonderry © Niall Carson

The car bomb attack in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, is believed by police to be the work of a splinter group of the militant underground organization IRA. The Bishop of Derry and Raphoe condemns the approach.

The Anglican Bishop of Derry and Raphoe, Ken Good, has condemned Saturday night's serious bombing in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, as "wrong" and "inexcusable". The act in his diocese was an "act of utter recklessness and a grave disregard for life," the bishop said, according to Irish media Sunday afternoon.

Police were able to clear the area around the previously stolen vehicle just in time before the explosive device detonated in the city center. No one was hurt. The act is attributed to the militant "New IRA," which sees itself as the successor to the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

A few meters away from two well-known churches

The perpetrators, who arguably supported Northern Ireland's independence from Great Britain and a union with Ireland, must be reminded that "their methods are rejected by a large majority of our community, as well as an overwhelming majority across the island," Bishop Good continued. "The days when such violence was part of history" are "long gone".

The bomb exploded just meters away from two of the Church of Ireland's most famous places of worship: Saint Columban's Cathedral and Saint Augustine's Church. Discussions over a solution to the Northern Ireland-Irish border in the wake of Brexit are causing growing tensions between pro-British Protestants and Catholic nationalists in Northern Ireland. Warned on several occasions that the Northern Ireland conflict, settled by the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, could flare up again.

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