Church criticizes expert's withdrawal

Church criticizes expert's withdrawal

In the case of the 43 missing students of Iguala, the Mexican bishops have criticized the termination of the work of a group of independent experts who were supposed to clarify the background of the case that has received worldwide attention.

The secretary general of the Mexican Bishops' Conference, Auxiliary Bishop Alfonso Miranda Guardiola of Monterrey, said at a press conference that it was regrettable that the five experts had not been given the opportunity to extend their work. The search for truth should not be stopped.

The GIEI group of experts had begun its work in November 2014 following a decision by the Organization of American States Commission on Human Rights, the Mexican state and representatives of the victims. Last week, the five international experts made serious accusations against the Mexican police force.

Torture in police custody?

According to their findings, at least 17 of the 110 suspects arrested were tortured in police custody. Massive violence has been used in the process. This could render the suspects' statements useless in a possible trial.

According to the Mexican government, corrupt police officers had arrested the 43 students and then handed them over to a drug cartel. The gang allegedly killed and burned the students to death. The relatives of the victims doubt this account. On 26. September 2014, the students of the teacher training college "Raul Isidro Burgos" had been kidnapped and presumably murdered. The background to the crime, which caused horror worldwide, has not been fully clarified to date. In Mexico, since 2006, more than 70.000 people killed in war against drug cartels, thousands missing.

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