“So help me god”

In his inaugural speech, new German President Christian Wulff called for more integration and equal participation. She said he wanted to help build bridges and create connections "between old and young, between East and West, locals and immigrants, employers, employees and the unemployed, people with and without disabilities."

The 51-year-old CDU politician took the oath of office in the Bundestag on Friday, including the voluntary addition "so help me God". Wulff, previously Minister President of Lower Saxony, was on 30. In June, he was elected successor to Horst Kohler, who resigned, and the Bundestag gave him an ovation. As 10. German Federal President, Wulff is the second Catholic in the highest office of state. In his speech, which was interrupted several times by applause, Wulff asked: "When will it finally be a matter of course in our country that everyone gets the same good educational opportunities, regardless of their background and wealth??"Equal participation is only possible if "we ask less where someone comes from than where he wants to go. Wulff appealed to citizens and politicians to focus more on what unites them, on what they have in common, and less on what separates them. This also applies to the coexistence of the monotheistic religions in Germany.

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