Climate change endangers mecca pilgrimage

Could it be too hot in the future for the pilgrimage to Mecca?? The aid organization Islamic Relief fears exactly that. In view of the danger posed by increasing heat, the organization says there is a "moral and religious duty to act".

So much for the eight-hour day

Many can't get by with an eight-hour workday © Sebastian Kahnert

Working only eight hours a day has long been pure wishful thinking. Even today, many people work more. An achievement a hundred years ago, the eight-hour day could soon be history.

Hope for a solution to the domestic crisis?

Crisis in Venezuela © Ariana Cubillos

New movement seems to be coming into the deadlocked domestic political crisis in Venezuela: Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro announced he would hold direct talks with the conservative opposition on neutral ground.

Significant increase for the first time since 2010

Fill out an organ donor card © Julia Steinbrecht (KNA)

The German Organ Transplant Foundation sees a glimmer of hope: For the first time since 2010, the number of organ donations has increased again. Hospitals in particular made a contribution to this success.

A pastor with heart and mind

Auxiliary Bishop Dieter Geerlings © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation request of Dieter Geerlings, auxiliary bishop of Munster. For health reasons he had asked the pope for his resignation. Five years earlier than normal, Geerlings is emeritus with immediate effect.

Pope Benedict XVI. Has expressed hope for a return to calm and peaceful coexistence in Egypt. In his first public statement on the current developments in Cairo, he expressed his appreciation for the North African country at the Angelus prayer.