All against all

The Melkite Patriarch Gregoire III sees the "beginning of chaos" in Syria. Laham. The situation is unpredictable; "you don't know who is fighting whom," says the patriarch. Supposed officers turned out to be bandits. Christians came under threat without being the real target, church leader says.

CBA: The unrest in Syria has been going on for a year, and the situation seems to be getting more complicated and, above all, more violent. Why?

Pro Asyl celebrated its 25th anniversary under the motto "Conscience does not allow itself to be simply deported". Erika Steinbach, a politician for displaced persons, was not invited; the ceremony was postponed at short notice because of her.

He has appeared in front of the camera with Ingrid Bergman and Curd Jurgens and coined the term "multicultural society" in 1980. Now Jurgen Micksch has been dismissed as Pro-Asyl chairman. Started his career as a fighter against prejudice in Christian work with foreigners.

Giving a voice

Pope Francis © Paul Haring (CBA)

Pope Francis has called for sustainable help for the poor. Christian charity is not satisfied with the good done in the past, but also knows how to transform the present, the church leader said.

A man of balance

The acting diocesan administrator of Augsburg, Prelate Bertram Meier, becomes the new bishop of the diocese. This was announced simultaneously in Augsburg and Rome at noon on Wednesday. Meier is considered a man of balance and ecumenism.