In his inaugural speech, new German President Christian Wulff called for more integration and equal participation. She said he wanted to help build bridges and create connections "between old and young, between East and West, locals and immigrants, employers, employees and the unemployed, people with and without disabilities."

Karlsruhe has strengthened the rights of single fathers. Unmarried people must be able to get custody of their child more easily in the future. The current legal situation is unconstitutional, the court ruled. The Family Federation of Catholics welcomed to our site the verdict.

"For children, both parents are usually important attachment figures. It is therefore appropriate to give unmarried fathers the option of a judicial review of joint custody, based on the best interests of the child. The custody decision oriented to the respective individual case prevents an automatism at the expense of the mothers", said Elisabeth Bubmann, president of the family federation on Tuesday (03.08.2010). At the same time, the legislature is called upon to improve the framework conditions for marriage and family life. Stable partnerships create the most favorable conditions for children to grow up successfully."The federation of however-educating mothers and fathers spoke of a scandal. With the judgment, dispute is pre-programmed, said Irina Kroeske of the advocacy group on Tuesday. Nikolai Wedel of the Fathers' Awakening said that the legal position of fathers is not significantly strengthened. However, fathers could now go to court for their custody rights. This will lead to a flood of lawsuits.

Karlsruhe demands legal Neuregelu

Church criticizes expert's withdrawal

In the case of the 43 missing students of Iguala, the Mexican bishops have criticized the termination of the work of a group of independent experts who were supposed to clarify the background of the case that has received worldwide attention.

A cornerstone for peace?

Syria is far from peace. Hopes now rest on new negotiations that have begun in Kazakhstan. Russia and Turkey had invited to the meeting. DRK Secretary General Reuter was on site in Syria.

Reckless act

After the explosion in Londonderry © Niall Carson

The car bomb attack in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, is believed by police to be the work of a splinter group of the militant underground organization IRA. The Bishop of Derry and Raphoe condemns the approach.

The serene

Bishop Batzing is the new chairman of the German Bishops' Conference © Andreas Arnold

Georg Batzing is often described as a mediating character. In his first appearances as president of the Bishops' Conference, the Limburg bishop remains friendly and obliging – but quite clear in his tone.

Important ecumenical impulse from basel cathedral

Daring more communion – that is the goal of the new dialogue that Catholics and Protestants in Europe agreed on last Sunday. Contentious ies abound – but so does the will to cooperate.

A hush falls as the man at the front of the lectern with the kippah on his head and the prayer shawl around his neck raises his voice. In sharp words, the state rabbi emeritus Henry G denounces the Jewish community's "greed. Brandt addresses social grievances in the Reimarussaal of Hamburg's Patriotic Society. He speaks of "that there were no limits", that everything always had to be higher, faster, better, further: "The glass palaces of banks and insurance companies sprouted like mushrooms, the department stores overflowed with goods from all over the world"."The "core of the malaise" is greed, "greed for possessions, power, for honor".

The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, has begun. The festive month of Tishri that now follows includes days of repentance and holidays. But how is the Jewish calendar actually calculated and what meanings are associated with it?

Klaus Topfer, former Federal Minister of the Environment and head of the UN Environment Agency, has called environmental protection a fundamental obligation for every Christian. The foundations for the modern understanding of sustainable development were already laid in the Bible. In the this site interview, Topfer also welcomed the German government's plans to reduce emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide by 30 percent by 2020.

"Industrial revolution with lots of opportunities" On Thursday, the environment ministers of the federal and state governments agreed on improved climate protection. In a statement, they want to speak out in favor of going even further than the EU's climate targets in international agreements.The EU had previously agreed on a reduction of at least 20 percent – a minimum goal according to Topfer. "30 percent are also feasible."Germany must also recognize its own possibilities in improved climate protection. "We are facing an industrial revolution with plenty of opportunities."

"Build and preserve" Even as Christians, people have a duty to protect the environment. There are no world religions that do not demand respect for creation, the 68-year-old said."Let's go back to the Christian basics: it is always quoted from Genesis one that man can use and exploit this earth. But much more meaningful and necessary is to read Genesis two, where it says: The Lord put man in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it. This is a mission that we as human beings have to fulfill. For me, a modern understanding of conservative consists in building, preserving and taking responsibility."