Stop venezuela's decline

Protests in Venezuela © Ariana Cubillos

Eight Latin American countries support pope's call for negotiated settlement for Venezuela. President Maduro, meanwhile, proposes a constituent assembly. Opposition smells tactics.

Signs against religious extremism

"Not with us" sees itself as a peace march © Matthias Milleker (DR)

Signs against religious extremism

A few hundred came to the Heumarkt on Saturday © Matthias Milleker (DR)

There should be a big demonstration with 10.000 participants. In the end, there were not even half as many at the anti-terror demonstration in Cologne. Nevertheless, the organizers hope for many imitators.

Young choir singers © Ja Crispy (shutterstock)

Many a church choir has problems with new blood, church youth choirs do not. The 2.700 participants of the choir festival Pueri Cantores in Paderborn, where it is not only about singing.

It is the shadows of a dark past that are currently emerging again in Croatia. In the predominantly Catholic Balkan state, the minority of Orthodox believers wants to reorganize itself – within the framework of its own national church. This had happened before.

At that time – in the years 1942 to 1945, at the time of the "Independent State of Croatia", a vassal of Hitler's and Mussolini's grace – the Orthodox Croats broke away from the Serbian Orthodox Church in order to support the nationalistic course of their compatriot Ante Pavelic and his Ustasha regime. Not only thousands of Jews and Roma, but also Serbs met their deaths under his rule in the Croatian concentration camp Jasenovac. Of course, the initiators of the new foundation do not want to have anything to do with such excesses. It is only a matter of preserving Croatia's state sovereignty in the ecclesiastical sphere as well. Such considerations are by no means unusual in Orthodoxy, which traditionally tends to adhere to political boundaries. In addition, they want to fill the houses of worship in Croatia that have been depopulated by flight and expulsion with new life, they say. According to media reports, several priests from other Orthodox countries have already announced their participation in the initiative.

"Anti-Serbian, nationalistic and, at its core, anti-Orthodox"

From today on no more visits to the hairdresser

What distinguishes the Oberammergauer from the Unterammergauer? The long hair and the massive beard – in the Passion Play season. Every ten years this provides a significant change in the residents in the place.

A moral and legal obligation

Aid workers describe the condition in Greek refugee camps – for example in Idomeni – as devastating. This must change, warns the aid organization Oxfam on our site interview and calls on the EU to act.