The poor in Africa are hit hardest when grain prices rise. Not only the people in the cities, but also the small farmers have to fear for their food. Wheat and corn have already risen rapidly in price.

Disfigured immaculata draws circles

Well-trained restorers are not always at work © marcovarro (shutterstock)

In Spain again a religious painting has been defaced by dubious restorers' hands: after an "Ecce Homo" years ago in Aragon, now an "Immaculata" has been hit.

A new employee for the Child Protection Agency's hotline? Homework assistance for migrant children? Or spring cleaning in the parish church? Those who want to do volunteer work in Germany have a wide range to choose from.

Prefer garden sculpture to gravel

Gravestone recycling – consumer initiative sees new opportunities © Jens Kalaene

Sustainability and recycling in the cemetery? This seems far-fetched only at first glance. The consumer initiative funeral culture Aeternitas e.V. Gives tips on how to repurpose tombstones that are no longer needed.